Our People


dr. greene running ultra marathon

Nicholas P. Greene

Director of Integrative Muscle Metabolism Laboratory
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
University Profile

Doctoral Student and Candidates

megan ziplining

Megan Rosa-Caldwell



seong at the mountains

Seongkyun Lim



Lisa Jansen

Master’s Students

Kirsten in the mountains

Kirsten Dunlap



Undergraduate Students

smiling mitochondria cartoon Quinn Gafton

smiling mitochondria cartoon

Maryam Mumtaz

Our Collaborators

Tyrone Washington — University of Arkansas

Michael Wiggs — University of Texas at Tyler

 James Fluckey   — Texas A & M University

James Carson — University of South Carolina

Joshua Wooten — Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

IMML Alumni


David Lee, PhD 2018, MS 2015

Dissertation “Mitochondrial mRNA Translation is Required for Maintenance of Oxidative Capacity”

Thesis “Impacts of microRNAs on Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis and Mitochondrial Quality”

JacobJacob Brown, PhD 2018

Dissertation “Cancer-Induced Muscle Wasting”

Thomas presenting thesis

Thomas Blackwell, MS 2017

Thesis “RNA Sequencing in the Development of Cancer-Cachexia”



Sarah Csacsm

Sarah Ramey, BSE 2018

Honor’s Thesis “Cancer Cachexia: Metabolic Changes that occur in Oxidative Capacity and Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism in the Liver”




Kyle at Csacsm

Kyle Turner, BSE 2018

Honor’s Thesis “Changes in Hepatic Extracellular Matrix During the Development of Cancer-Cachexia in Mice”


reagan at computer

Reagan Maddox, BSE 2018

smiling mitochondria cartoon

Haley McCarver, BSE 2017

Honor’s Thesis “Loss in Muscle Oxidative Phenotype in Lewis Lung Carcinoma-Induced Cancer Cachexia”

smiling mitochondria cartoon

Elizabeth McBee, BSE 2015

smiling mitochondria cartoon

Haley Walker, BSE 2015




smiling mitochondria cartoon

Chelsea Hoffman, BSE 2015